Looking Back

Sat, 11/04/2017 - 20:28 -- Reneye

You know what?

I'm pretty sure the two of us

have never had a serious argument.


Cause you see,

When I think back to what we used to fight over,

I don't remember anything at all.


Living with you

Laughing with you

Speaking of the future;

If I went this way,

You'd go that way

And that was the end of it,

But was it really?


You know,

I just realized

What parting ways

Would mean for us two.

It would mean no more late night tv marathons.

If we really parted, 

I'm sure we'd still find some way to live,

But then

I think

I'd cry.


Do you see

What I'm trying

To get at here?

I won't be able to see you regularly.



Making plans,

and all the like.

My freetime is boring without you,

get it?


Well you know,

If that is what

You choose to do,

I won't be the one

Stopping you.


And you see

As for me,

I'm sure I will

Someday beat

The high scores you left me 

In that game-


Don't go!

Don't move away!

You should just change your mind and stay!

Tell me we'll continue to talk about that thing you mentioned during lunch.


I know 

I'm terrible 

At dropping hints,

And I know

You're terrible at

Picking them up-


I'm so sorry.

Please don't leave me.

Tell me you'll stay...


You know,

Even if parting ways

Signals the end of childhood,

I'm sure

You and I both

Would keep on

Acting like little kids.

Games and icecream

On the first day of Summer

Like back then.


Even if parting ways 

Means that I'll

Never see you again,

I still 

Wouldn't want

To live alone...


So please,

Dont leave;

Not yet.

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