Look Within

Sun, 05/04/2014 - 03:49 -- disb_b

Never cry, never show affection, never show compassion,never show vulnerability is what we are forced to believe by the beast of society it tells us to suppress. How easy can one not get depressed? We are dancing with the beast and always trying to keep up with the pace of what everyone else seems to think. The beast has us tangled in its lies of believing that nobody cares or wants to hear about your tragic life, about the moment you were abused by the one that had to protect you. So everytime you want to break free from that beast it takes you in to a deeper trance and illusion that you are not worthy to be heard. All the while your soul and heart cryout to come alive to be free. In all the time you spent dancing with the beast entwined in its lies you forgot to listen to the one person that knows you best. You!! There lies the key to your freedom. The fountain and essence of beauty is found within every microscopic inch of your heart and soul to set your soul free. There is radiance in your soul just waiting to be shown to those who are still sleeping in their pain, suffering, or depression. Let your voice be heard and never allow silence to creep in because behind it comes the death of your soul.


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