Look Who's Talking!

Sat, 03/07/2015 - 14:15 -- TannerH
 In your room of stairs,
Look who's talking,
Full of slander no one care's
 Back drop of dispair media whispering say you prayer's
No one care's for the opinoin of such mindless minoins,
 Pushing sepertist ajenda's,
Proclaiming the secound class to pour for deffenders,
 Victoms of noble law benders, 
Labeling inocents as offenders,
 Citizens with no choice of whom they let in their home,
Constitional rights getting shat on,
 The persuit of happyness is all but gone!
Unwarrentingly seized along with my private thing's,
 Effects made a puplication to prapagandalize indivisial surrernce,
Conditioning society's exceptance of a cult like preasent's  whispering threat's at it peasent's
 We the people question your severance and marvel at the attack of your severity 
Wonder at the itellagencne that places your citizinchip ahead of me,
 Why are oaths being violated by a silent opulence.
Leaving the puplic without a vioce as exective's hoist off our Amendments in a show of power,
 No matter OUR flag still fills me with rejoice,
I'm American and love her I do,
 My country your coup(detat),
Brings a tear to my eye (ear) compatraits no longer compeer,
 Sepertist keep a list of ajenda's,
What was once the vioce of reason becomes the vioce of treason,
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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