look at what cupid do pt2/6

I'd Get hella shy wenever
And when paths did cross
just a "gasp n sigh"
brain sending orders
[ somthin like ] saying Hii
allat shit mush just
after briefly locking eyes
second guesses ..silence Then
the tenseness blood pressure soaring
high as the sky
heart beating deafness in my ears like roaring of sunami waves
a sailors worst fears like highest tides
Worst come to worst just go ghost n
just silence as we walk right by

Damn might've just missed my chance
Cupid help reverse the hands of time
My hearts yearning to spark the burning if for only one time in sake of learning how them hands would feel In mine

Just for this sake of speaking
But watch wat Cupid do
Told you dat baby act a fool
#lil arrow got me feaning
2 shots straight to my heart
Now #lil heart is all i been seeing
hope he hit her too.

But Callng me Houdini
woulda been type demeaning
I had the advantage age.hight
made him look like a rookie
n a seedling cuz I definitely
Got outta that Jam feet
where speeding...

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Our world


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