Look upLook downBe happy, your

Look up
Look down
Be happy, your pants aren't down

In public, smile
Make someone's life worth while
Look around, you're alive
Strive to make wrongs, right

The world can be a cruel place
Just fight with all your might
Don't be negative
Change is here

Gay marriage is legal
Love won the fight
Parts don't matter, just look for heart
Equal rights for everyone
No matter your gender

Malala is alive
Her future is bright
Despite a bullet to her head
She remains an activist for women's ed
In the Middle East
A Nobel Prize
For her right for school
She's a remarkable woman
Only changing the world

Organs from stem cells
Are growing
Sciences are advancing
Expanding life for our own

Yes, people are dying
It's only in our nature
But people are dying older
Centenials are here
Don't believe me?
Susannah Mashatt Jones is the oldest at 115 
Go, check TIME, my dear

Life is great
We tend to take it for granted
Enjoy your time
Do not fret
Things are as the should be
Your persistance is true

Work for what you want
Appriciate your family
Good friends
They are the reason life is awesome
Don't you dare forget

Love who you want
No matter their sex
Nobody should tell you different
You shouldn't care if they do
Real familes support you
Not make you feel blue

With that being said
I really must go
I have a long day tomorrow
Packed with events

The world is awesome
Just watch it go


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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