A look into reality


We are the Outcast, The different ones
We call ourselves the Unwanted
We sit and slit, and watch till we can’t take anymore
Until the blood goes stale and the river runs dry
Some bleed eternally from their heart cracking on the inside
Some bleed on the outside, blood falling to the floor
Those with no self Control
Those who have no never-ending life line
The people with nobody to care
Nobody to listen
Nobody’s here
To see the pain
To see the tear stained face
Nobody to stop the little girl from falling
Nobody hears her as she screams
Nobody sees her blood splatter the floor
Nobody notices her body go limp
She got what she wanted all along
Or did she?
Her friends attended her funeral
Her boyfriend committed suicide
He couldn’t handle the pain and loss
Her mom went into depression
Her dad works all day trying to forget
Her sister doesn’t know what happened
She’s too young to understand
The girl focused on all the negative people
The ones who were jealous of her
She never saw the ones who cared
Who loved her for being her?
Everyone around her
Now she's gone
Inside she’s been dead for awhile
Now the Outside’s finally caught up
She tried to hide
She tried to run away from the past
But what she didn’t realize was that you cant
No matter what way you go
The darkness will consume you
Even if only for a little while
Or forever

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