Look At Me Now

Look me in the eye-

See your daughter’s face reflected there.

Look me in the eye- 

And tell me, if you dare.

Tell me you think I’m disgusting.

Morally depraved.

Beyond Jesus’ saving-

Beyond His loving grace.

You once said you worried for my soul-

Well, Grandmother dear,

My heart is made of coal.

Your words mean nothing to me,

Not anymore.

I have walked to the higher place

As I have before.


Look at me my dearling-

See the pain you wrought.

I was foolish to think

That you gave me more than a passing thought.

She says your moving on,

Thriving now.

The love I had is gone-

And I will ensure it is never found.

You see, my dearling,

I was going to give you my heart-

Wanted to have your hand for life,

Never to be apart.

I hope wherever you go, whoever you find,

I hope your happy in the little world inside your mind.


To be a mother was your dream

Wasn’t it?

Maybe you had your doubts,

Just a little bit.

I don’t think you understood

What you were asking for.

You took battered children,

From a strange, hellish war.

You should have loved us more

Should have loved us both

But you couldn’t- or didn’t

Because you loved Control the most.


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