Look At Me

My eyes begin to water

And my lip begins to shake,

I look at you for approval

But then, you look away.


I speak but you don't hear a sound.

Reading into every word that comes out of your mouth,

like its a book I can't put down.

I look into your eyes

But your eyes find something else


I put myself on display like a dancing monkey

I earn lots of tips on my own,

But then you take all my money.


I quit.

I'm done loving somebody who wont love me back.

In fact, you're just that.

Some. Body.


Your soul left along with all my respect for you.

You have no eyes, for they are gone too.

You can't see all I've done to fill your empty heart.

And you can't see that you've left me in the dark.


I would call you a fool, but that role is mine.

For it is my fault, for letting you in my mind.

I am a fool for letting you take all of which I own.


I would say I never loved you, but that isn't true.

I loved you to much, and let you hurt me in any way you choose.

I loved you, but this time it's the end.


My eyes stopped watering

And became a desert.

My lip stopped shaking

And moved as much as a rock.

You look at me for comfort,

but this time.

I'm the one who looks away.


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