Look at the Horror

Don't turn your head

keep looking at the horror

of fallen victims

littering our streets

with continued

allegiance to the NRA

as millions hope and pray

their lives won't be the next in line

for the daily death squad


Keep looking at images of horror

daily episodes of killing

children shot in schools

blacks shot by police

gays shot by terrorists

police shot in retaliation


All incidents have one thing in common

the misplaced rage and anger

fueled by easy access to guns

dangerous assault weapons

created for the battlefield

not the streets

where innocent victims crave

one more day to live with less stress, more joy


Stay focused on the horror

are we so lost in our own worlds

we no longer have the capability

to open our eyes and see the truth?


Access to guns creates fear

in all Americans

look at the blood, bodies 

and senseless hate

permeating our brains

forgetting a time

when the lonely and disenfranchised

weren't afraid to come forward for help

to solve their endless pain and frustration


Continue to face the horror

but this time choose not to take another life

try reaching out to someone safe

and be grateful you have them in your life

This poem is about: 
My country


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