Look closer

When you look at my face, clean and makeup-free, what is it you see?

Do your eyes linger on the dark bags my blue eyes carry?

Does the mole by my hairline distract you from your initial thoughts?

Do you stare at the scars that years of angry teenage acne has left me right between my eyes?

Or, maybe the wrinkles around my lips from always smiling grasp your attention.

But when you look at my face, look closely.

Look closer.

Did you notice the symmetrical frame my eyebrows give me?

Did you notice how my lips get fuller if I'm hot or angry?

Did you notice my eyelashes touch my cheekbone with every blink?

How about the curve of my lips that gives me a constant smirk?

Or maybe the prominent freckle on the left side of my nose that won't ever go away?

Or my chin that has a tendency to dip right in the middle when I smile?

Look closer.

Notice how my eyes fill right up to the brim with tears when I laugh so hard at the most absurd jokes.

Watch how my teeth tend to chew on the left side of my cheek when I'm nervous.

Look how my left eyebrow raises more than my right when my blood pressure goes up.

Humans are not artificial.

Humans cannot be faked.

I am human.

I am real.

All the little things that make me who I am.

No product or liquid base can cover that up.

No filter can alter that.

No lipstick can hide that.

With every person you meet, remember to look closer.




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