They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. 
well, that may be true...
if one ever takes the time to study it long enough
I have pictures.
Quite a few to be clear
My pictures speak volumes
Volumes that reach the high heavens
They say that true friendship lasts forever
and that may be true as well...
if one doesn't run them away
I have friends
Not many
but true friends come in pairs...
now about those pictures
they show a pretty face 
with the loveliest smile
and the brightest gleam shines in her eyes 
but that's easy to see
for all of that resides on the surface
it's what's underneath that no one seems to ever discover
And back to those friends
three or four of the most faithful few
always there 
smiling and laughing 
with the mask on the surface
hugging and cheering 
the mannequin that's not easily deciphered 
the smile in those pictures
can only hide so much
but no one ever takes more than a glace 
so who could really know
those friends laughing loudly
joking and playing around 
eventually mind their own business
leaving the mannequin in the mask
to do her bidding
to do her crying 
to do her pleading 
to do her beating 
all on the inside 
all where no one can ever see 
all because no one ever...


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