Longing Spirit

The colorless world of life passes everywhere I walk.

A sad existence for a search for hope.

“Hey, wanna come over to my house?”

Me? No, that wasn’t for me.


Talks of love and a missed train don’t bother me the least.

My straight face drives the wrong impression.

The skies cry out for the sun to come out already.

Deaf to those cries, I wear my false smile.


Receiving a “thanks” has no effect anymore.

Saying “hi” elicits only “hello.”

Maybe, just a little more.

Maybe...my time has not come, yet.


Waiting for a “see ya tomorrow,”

I’ll laugh when I want to cry.

I’ll keep my thoughts a secret,

Averting my gaze from those socializing.


People wear a smile when they greet others (I assume).

It’s rude to join a table without an invite (I believe).

Looking for something small,

I meet those pitying themselves with the smaller.


My tears have come too many times.

The wind howls as though by a master’s bidding.

My string thins with every clock’s chimes.

Scissors caressing, preparing for a cutting.


A smile approaches the corner of my vision,

Followed by a warm “what’s your name?”

Colors flicker, but die just as soon as they come.

Such formalities are superficial.

Still, the longing spirit shared some of his sum,

Without realizing that names are special.


A grin breaks from my dark clouds.

I couldn’t tell if it was fake.


Broken, I let you take my string,

But, then, you return to me a triple-knot.


Was it authentic when you walked me home?

Is there a hidden reason for partnering with me in class?

Perhaps I truly meant it

When I said “see you tomorrow.”


If you want to hug, I’ll gladly reciprocate.

If you want to talk, the day would not be long enough.

My lucid dreams have no comparison to this fate.

The longing spirit can proudly say “I’m busy with stuff.”


You and I are fate’s climbers,

The dreaming girl and the longing spirit.

I have something to say to you,

But a “thank you” is not enough.


Hold my hands because I need you to wipe my tears.

Give me strength to face the worst of my fears.

It’s not fair if I don’t show the depths my gratitude.

I think you already know the words of my servitude.


“I love you.”


You and I are fate’s climbers,

The dreaming girl and the longing spirit.

Giving you the smile that I always wanted,

I promise you that I will never truly die.


Even if I were to fade,

I’ll just say your name, knowing all will be okay.

I see colors before made,

And we both laugh as we embrace the coming day.


I am yours for all of time.

I’ll depart, knowing we were two halves of a dime.


Tell the scop that our tale ends with “I love you.”


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