Longing for the City

Central Park broke my Heart and the Taxi Driver shot me.
Washington Square had poisoned Air and the musicians coughed and spit.
Carnegie Hall dropped the Ball on this New Years Eve,
To end the smiles, end the week,
As I cross the bridge to the L.I.E.

New York City proved to be an Apocalyptic Place,
My Heart and Soul
Fell out and rolled
Out of Sight.

Goodnight New York,
I love you dearly,
But for tonight,
I'm Sad without the City.

This poem is about: 
My community



such a strong first line!!! it sounds like a lyric from some angsty and obscure song lol. but i can't quite catch the connection of the taxi driver shooting you (metaphorically i hope) and the next few lines full of subtext about various environmental concerns.  i also don't really understand the strange pattern of captializations but i guess it emphasizes the important words of your poem? when you say "end the week" and "but for tonight" do you mean that whatever is hapening now isn't going to be permanent. in that case, that's admirably optimistic of you and i hope it will true!



The taxi driver portion was a little reference to a frightening situation while walking on a sidewalk. Don't worry no one got hurt lol

The capitalization was for the purpose of emphasising certain words (like you said)!

The "end the week" was just the fact that I visited the city on a Saturday night. Very literal lol (This poem is rather old I promise I've improved since then)

The "for tonight" was not so much that I was optimistic then, it was more that I hoped my feelings would not be permanent. And guess what! They weren't! I feel great now.

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