The Longest Sentence My Soul Ever Spoke

You take a shard of glass
and you shove it down that gaping hole in the center of your soul
you scream “IM FIXED! IM FIXED!” only you aren’t -
you’re broken and you’re bitter and your soul begins to bleed
but you don’t notice
You’ve conditioned your mind to fix itself on worldly things 
to the point where you don’t recognize your own downfalls
You point fingers and shout “OPEN YOUR EYES”
all the while yours are sealed shut
You mistake the hallucinations concealed beneath your eyelids for the truth
and maybe deep down in your soul,
beneath that shard of glass and beneath march the seventh,
you know that your efforts are futile and that your soul is finite and weak and fragmented
But for now just wedge those fleeting solutions between the walls of your soul until they rot
I’ll bite my tongue and glue my eyes to the sidewalk when I pass you in public
as if I don’t notice that you are broken and you are hurting
but I do,
I do notice and I do often think of you and march the seventh
and the way you used to listen although you disagreed,
and sometimes I miss when you would only quote works of literature that you genuinely understood
and when we would promise your mother we would behave,
although we both weren’t too sure of the extend of our compliance. 
I guess you’re content with the way that shard of glass fills that void,
but you won’t be for long,
and when you finally rip that glass out of your soul and you need someone to stop the bleeding,
I’ll be here and I’ll help you
and that will be enough. 



That's one helluvah sentence.

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