As Long as You're Happy

Thu, 05/28/2015 - 18:27 -- Gnosis

It is everything I expected it to be.


It is a cavernous hole that protrudes from my chest

A wound, with no weapon but the words that got caught in my throat.

It is the sharp teeth of long, carnivorous shadows

latching to my skin and feeding on whatever hopes I have

of you falling to my feet and begging for forgiveness

It is every sweet word or poem you ever spoke

turn to dust in my mouth

and venom in my brain

You, oh god you

you are in every little crevice of my mind

I couldn’t give you up if I tried.

You are the hole in my chest

You are the demons in my skin

You are the venom in my brain

But as long as you’re happy,

I’m fine.


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