The long-winded People of...

Everyone wants the bliss, but no one wants the hardships.Everyone wants the success, but no one wants to work.Everyone wants to hide, but no one wants to seek.Everyone is weak; everyone is meek.Fragile and unnerving.Stupid and scared. This does not deviate from the strong, still these are the differences. People of strength don't run away.People of strength use the incoming pain.People of strength fight harder when they're afraid, and think on and off their feet, even if their intelligence don't meet modern standards.People of strength stay right and true, but can turn face when displaced by wrong.People of strength grow old.People of strength grow tired.People of strength die,but return in the dreams of the few they inspired. People of strength know to deal with the burden of their choices.Because everyone regrets, regrets.The strong and the weak.The poised and the timid.The young.The old.The long-winded.Even the dead. So the strong, the experienced, and the old, they speak, they act, With purpose, and balderdash.With feeling, and selfishness.With strength, and weakness.All the while knowing these are the consequences, but this is what is desired.And those of strength don't care who knows.


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