The Long Way Home

The road split in the middle picks a side if not move right along.

There was no way around it either I go through or go back to the beginning,

Many would not have taken this journey, but I had to for my life depended on it.

Never would I ever regret the decisions that I made or the chances I took to lose everything,

I can’t survive off of needs and wants alone; something else is missing maybe something in between could spare me.

If I want too much then, my needs will turn into my desire of wanting my needs which are never a good thing.

To go without need is a selfish plea and want, to find myself again would be the hardest thing to do of them all I must say.

I am not here when I am, who do they speak of when they call out my name for I am not the one who gave such a fallen name to.

Would it be a misery for me to deny any claim of such a name? For it has cursed me oh so dearly…

Is it upon me to lose faith in everything that I have ever believed in? Just to see another day in my life, what has changed me to become someone else?

My new home is not my old home, so I shall take a long way home.


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