Long OverDo

Hear me!

When I cry out to you,

do you not hear the words

I let out with




The car you drove off in

and later promised you'd return.

And you did

only to leave




And again I cry.

I cry and cried for him

For his life was hard enough

Until you ripped it 




We live apart

And the scars on my arm do not tell the story of my pain.

They tell the story of my numbness

Toward your constant efforts

To show me




I learned to be a woman

from you

because you showed me

what not to do.


And he has shown me everything I need to know

The little memories with him

mask my memories with you.


This poem isn't meant to 

insult you.

It's meant as an apology.


For my hatred,

For my cold attitude,

For adding fuel to a fire

That has long since went out.


I'm sorry

I know this apology is long overdo.

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