Long Live Feminism


Stand up straight. Elbows in.

Wax that. Shave this.

Don't be a prude, but don't be easy.

That's not lady-like.

No man will love you if you stand up for what you


But he won't respect you if you don't.


Enough is enough,

Since when does my posture make me a better


Enough is enough,

When did my body hair become of your concern?

Enough is enough,

how many people do I need to sleep with until I'm

Labeled as promiscuous?

2? 13? Maybe 21?

But please explain to me how if I choose to wait

I'm seen as a prude instead of a saint?

Double standards say boys who wait are


"The best of their kind" even,

Please take your time and explain to me how I am

Any different.


Enough is enough,

Lady-like? Really? Really?

Does being "lady-like" include having a man's love

Define my self worth?

Does shoving my voice down my throat consider

Me more of a lady?

Don't wear that, you'll tempt the guys.

Boys will be boys,

You got an abortion? You're a murderer.


Stop it because,

My choice of wardrobe should not put my life in


Stop it because,

Their anatomical structure does not excuse them

From robbing girls of their innocence.

Stop it because,

Since when do politicians get to tell me what murder is

When they have more blood on their hands than

Money in their bank accounts?


We live in a world that bathes in hypocrisy,

A world in which the capabilities of a woman are

Measured in her cup size

Instead of her IQ.

A world in which old men tell women

What is expected of them.

We live in a world that needs feminism.

As long as the chauvinistic mentalities of men



Long Live Feminism.




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