Long Day Full of Happiness

Loving the sound of rain hitting the roof of my dorm, nature's alarm clock.

Overjoyed, I run outside.

Nothing more beautiful than the trees, decaying, but in the most graceful manner.

Green no longer.

Dreaming of better days, I am not.

All the nature that engulfs me leaves me in joyful bliss.

You should try it,

Fawn over the rays of sunlight that

Unfreeze the gloom of night.



Open your mind to the pleasures outside.

Fill your heart with the stillness of nature and fly away from the

Hubbub of the city.  Soon, however


Pain will escape your soul.  For that is what nature does.

Prancing around,

It ever so quietly

Nabs your worries and

Expunges them.

Sweetly and securely

Sweeping away everything, except for bliss.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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