The Long Dark Road to Paradise


At the office
420 Allen Place Vicksburg, MS
United States
32° 22' 8.6376" N, 90° 43' 35.5728" W

As I walk down the hallway all I get is stares.

People roll their eyes or give me snobby looks.

Some may ask "Is that yours or your so lucky

to get the latest things." Really...they do not

know even apart of the story. Before I even

have the luxury items I have now, I had to

start from the bottom. From being paid below

minimum wage to doing undesirable jobs.

Whatever the task was, I made sure I did it!

From scrubbing floors to cleaning toliets.

Working three different jobs trying to make

ends meet. So when people tell me

"I do not know what it's like to do without?"

I just laugh and said, "You don't know what

road I took to be here." Some think that everything

was just handed to me on a silver platter, but I had to get

my hands really dirty just to get it. But some....didn't

even have to work so hard.

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