Long Ago

I remember the first day of school
How I clung to my dad’s arm
Not caring whether I looked like a fool
Cause I thought, as long as my dad stood by my side
I would be safe
For I was afraid to be alone to take this strange and unfamiliar ride
I remember my dad pushing my hand away
Releasing its childish grip
And leaving me by myself
With nothing but a small tip
He had caressed my chubby small face in his hand
And he had said
“Venni, Life is tough
It won’t be easily outlaid
And often times, people will be rough”
He had said, gently tucking back my curl
But remember, everything will be okay,
As long as you are daddy’s little girl
I had looked up to him
Choking on my tears
And of course I childishly believed him
So I swallowed back my fears
But no one had told me
About the evils of the world
Or how to withstand and see
All the good in everything
And with that I fold
My false beliefs
Those tears once rolled
But here’s a relief
My face no longer
Feels familiar with tears
For my long ago fears
I left back there
And with an amazed stare
Now I see
Everything I have left behind me


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