Lonely Stones

Around me now the names stare out,

Granite intrusions cross-cut the clearing

Marking there, where the fallen lie

A site for which tears downward trickle

Here the lonely stones forever remain


Paths between the stones are worn

By those coming to read inscriptions

Who wallow in sorrow as they pace

Along where the dead no longer tread

And the lonely stones forever remain


Many come who fear to die and stop

To read the stones before they venture on

They all fail to hear the message:

"Death tomorrow will come calling"

The lonely stones are forever calling


Lost in mourning passerby ask not

Why it is the hemispheres connect

To complete life's circle

And pass on still not knowing why

While the lonely stones forever remain


How easy would it be for the stones

Advertising their verse of death's approach

To change and say 'Men, henceforth,

No longer shall come to death,

And join the ranks of lonely stones'


So simply would listeners be duped

By words so deftly voiced

That gay in spirit would they continue on

Laughter would replace the tears

But, still, would lonely stones forever remain




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