The Lonely Prince

Who knew that a shoe

could be the path to love?

The prince thought it couldn't be true

that she was gone.


He was considered a fool.

Others would ask,

"You didn't get her name?!"

"No, but she had an elegant mask."

He would say.


500 gals in the kingdom

fit into those dazzling blue shoes,

but none of them wore

the face of his muse.


A moon would pass

and the advice of his brother,

was that the lonely prince 

should marry another.


Glinda of Beaufar

was chosen to be

the wife of the prince

who had no future to see.


The prince became desperate

and fell on his knees,

"Please do not make her marry me!"


After the prince and Glinda were wed,

a look of horror was set on his face.

There on his bed

was a note out of place.


A note from the ball

where he met his love,

"Here are my digits.

Let's get married at City Hall."-Love, Cinderella


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