Lonely Peace of Our Hearts

Finally, home was near;

Friends rejoined and encountered.

Hi’s and hugs with cheer

As the day proceeded onward.


Like a ghost

I haunted friends of old.

Scared of what hurts most,

I remained cold.


My being as a gem to them,

My presence ripped from their grasp;

Like a torn hem,

Unfixable by any clasp.


Their pain short, but first;

My pain last, but long.

Soon to be rehearsed,

And find that I don’t belong.


Butterflies still flutter

When all that is left is dust.

Some shy and shutter,

While others combust.


We lose our trust

And find solitaire.

Sometimes we are crushed,

Our newfound hope, only in despair.


For those that are lucky,

Peace eventually comes.

Our complexions are no longer ruddy,

But are now like the skin of drums.


Our hearts beat,

Our blood flows;

We smile while we greet,

But no one knows.


Thrust from those we used to know,

And trapped by fears of abandonment.

Swimming with the flow,

We become content.


We lurch on,

Feeling in the dark,

Searching for dawn

And waiting for a spark.

But our hope waits

For the departure of our lonely states.


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