Lonely Education

Education is power,

an amazing experience,

but how is it like

when it's a lonely time?


Having teachers

helping through

is one way

to build the space.


I'm lost in a maze


if there's a way 

to find a path


I'm nothing but lonely

wanting to understand

what makes me different

to fit right in.


Sometimes I talk 

with my fellow classmates

but they don't find,

why I can't be

their hidden friend.


I may be a little quiet

to many people

but that shouldn't make me

strange to the world.


It's like I'm trapped

in a box

desperately finding, 

the inner light


What is it 

that friends are nowhere?

Do I have a problem

or do they have a problem?


Are friends there 

to lead you, help you

or put you down

of every passing day


Friends were once there 

back in the past

but some move

and some abandon me.


Will I be lonely

for the rest of my life? 

Or will I find friends,

later throughout time


Luckily there's a family

and recent teacher friends

that keep me strong 

with my dignity.


People should know,

that they shouldn't judge

what they need to do

is give them a chance


Not everybody fits in

and I know,

that being yourself

is what is best


Being popular

doesn't matter,

life isn't perfect

so we're not the same


My strength lies

deep in my heart

so if I can't make friends,


is where I'll be.














This poem represents how I want the whole world to know me as.

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