Lonely Child


United States
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Lonely Child
A cast-off Loner,
A battle-weary Child
—whose cries become quieter and quieter
After realizing no one hears.

Does anyone care?
Does anyone notice
the Child who is too young to have world-weary eyes?

Not his peers—
they have tossed him aside
for the “better” things in life.
Not his parents—
who abandoned him
to the agony of constant strife.

Those weary eyes, those tired eyes
have seen too many lies
and not enough time.
No kindness, just the dark shadow
Of disappointment and lies.
No hope, just the grey cloud
Of rejection and pain.

Do you hear his cries?
Or are you also deaf and blind
towards this suffering?
Listen closely—you may never know,
This struggling Child just might be
Next to you and hurting.


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