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Maybe I embarrass you.

Or mess up your reputation.

I am just a sitting duck, and my love for you is your ammunition.

Maybe I’m not good enough to be seen in public with you.

But you sure take advantage of how much I care about you.

You don’t need me,

But need you.

You don’t love me

Like you say you do.

You only kiss me when nobody’s looking.

You only love me where no one can see.

I’m just your girl of the moment.

Your girl of the night. Your girl when you need a kiss to get by.

Oh, but you can’t let anyone know…

That you only call me

When you feel lonely.


I can’t believe I fell for it.


And again

And again.

With just one word you pull me back.

You know I want to be more than friends.

You say this time it’s different.

Silly me, I always believe.

Yet in the back of my mind I know

That you only deceive.

Crying myself to sleep doesn’t help anything.

Wishing for what couldn’t be is worthless to me.

I’m done with you I swear!

I won’t fall for it again!

But then you just say those three words,

And I’m putty in your hands!


But, you only call me

When you feel 



Maybe someday you’ll realize

That I was always here.



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