Dear Loneliness,


You are with me everyday

With no friends, you are the only one

There is nothing I can say

It seems as if I have no one


It’s hard for me to connect

No one feels the way I do

They only know how to expect


I feel the pain of the world

I weep for those dying alone

But I cannot do anything

For I am only me


I don’t want to live for the money

I don’t want to party with strangers

I want to comfort the lonely

I want to be the changer


I want to heal

I want to shape

I want to create

I want to innovate


But you, loneliness, control me

You capture me in your darkness

I cannot be the person I deserve to be

I am left in the stillness


I deserve more than this


I deserve the love I give

I deserve the calmness I spread

I deserve to live


With myself

I will rise

I will show my true self

I will be the sunrise


Although I don't have many friends

I will not let you beat me down


I will push myself to talk with others

To see things from their view

To prove my wonders

To see them through


You may be the only thing I have now

But soon, I will be myself

I will get rid of you anyhow

I will prove myself


It will be tough

I will give up sometimes

But sure enough

I will get up a thousand times


I will be my beautiful, silly, weird, different, nerdy, glitter-loving, book-reading, Hogwarts-wishing self again.





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