There exists a void inside my soul

A void that grows bigger every day

And threatens to envelop me

I’m more than this. I need to me

More than



But I yearn for the touch of your hand

For my hands tingle just at the thought of you

I hunger for the smooth feeling of your lips

For mine hurt just at the mere thought

I need to lie with you for hours

To feel your warm body against my cold, thin, frail, needy one

And who the fuck even are you?

Are you real? Do you exist?

Or did I just make you up to keep the

Void from consuming me?

You could be



But I don’t want just anyone.

I need you. Someone who truly loves me.

Someone I’ll wake up thinking fondly of

Someone who will fall asleep with my eyes on their mind

I need to be loved, to be held, to be wanted

Before the void

Consumes me



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