The Lone Wolf

Seven billion people

There are so many people, its sometimes hard to breathe

The streets are flooded, but not with water

They are flooded with children, teenagers, adults

How then, do i feel so alone?

How is it that i can help anyone, but nobody can help me?

I look up and see birds

Even they help eachother, they never travel alone

But me in this world full of people, I travel alone

I look at things in nature

Lions, fish, bees, ants

They are never alone

But me, in this world full of people, I travel alone

I try to fit in with these people, dont get me wrong

I try to fit in, but i just cant

Nobody stays, everybody just goes off and away from me

So maybe this is how Im supposed to be

Maybe im like that wolf that gets kicked from the pack

Maybe, Im just ment to be in this world full of people, alone


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