A Lone Girl's Necessities

All I need is to be heard

All I want is to be heard.

Hear me through the facades of my contempt.

Hear me loud and clear through all the white noise of my laughter.

Listen for me.

Not through your headphones but through your the palms of your hands when you are holding me and kissing my cold lips.

All I need is to be remembered.

No, all I want is to be remembered.

Remember the way I looked at you.

Remember the way I wanted to be okay.

Feel for me.

Not through the shallow words of your sad, sad consoling but through the silence of my voice when I’m standing there insecure.

All I need is your understanding.

That’s all I could ever want,

Understand why I shut out your warmth when you were the only one next to me.

Understand that I’ve never been loved like the way you love me.

Understand me.

Not through my explanations that aren’t even slightly convincing, but through the way I tell you “my day was pretty good”.

All I need is to be heard between the words I say, the things I do and through the nights when I’m alone with my thoughts.


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