lone ballet


she allows the colorful flowers to stream her legs,

sweet peas sway around her room

her only light scatters around like a stage

while the rest is covered in darkness.


she’s ready.

A tone awakens her ears

and each movement exposes the unseen

surrendering to new emotions

materializing a story

that takes her breath away.

The flowers begin to grow with each elegant step she takes

with new colors and smells.

Soon she is in a lovely garden

listening to the sound transform the wallflowers.

Minutes are passing

she has just begun

but then tone stops

her mind and body exhausted

and a nosy hinge interrupts her next story.

The flowers wrap around her leg once more

bringing her back

to the loneliness of her room.

back to the scent of sweet peas

to that scattered light

to the darkness

and the voices that start to walk in.


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