Logical nonsense


The logical possibility to jump over the moon,

make sense when considered its cheese eaten with a spoon.

The same cheese became famous by Mozart composing Cinderella,

melted in on bread called Mozzarella.

The milks fat has its meaning by matter of form,

as one can pull it gently in its use to be torn.

The essence of man by Plato is conceptual confusion,

Aristotle’s answer was the rational animal conclusion.

The death is one of two things and metaphysical,

hypothetic nature in grammarless forms of being radical.

Abstract concepts to the point of phrase,

indefinable logic to stay confused in philosophical pace.

Nothing divided by nothing to multiply the zero,

trading and selling golden mirrors portraying the hero.

The hypnotic ability of linear verbal communication,

overwritten melodrama and its cultured sensation.

Caffeine clicking clocks in commercial wars,

to safe the astounding audience aspiration from taws.

Intensified intuitive balloons matching the color of the eye,

illustrative animated slices with the cherry on top pie.

Vulnerable velocity by vanity loosing lips largely,

absurdity with distinction established ambiguity fiercely.

Falsity and truth before sense and nonsense,

thinking one knows what is not known in essence.

Philosophical poetry may be with or without rhyme,

but it is never without reasons of confession in time.































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