locked out

locked out 

swallowed the key 

swore I would never let love find me. 


threw it all away 

closed my eyes 

accepted real love was only lies.  


became alone 

told myself this way was better 

letting the wind blow through my too-thin sweater.  


nothing to lose  

nothing to gain 

a heart that would never again feel pain.  


sitting on a wall 

walking a line 

told myself I was doing fine.  


 then this man

came from nowhere  

maybe materializing from the very air 


 and all he said was: 


"You look cold."  


and my heart fell 

out of its binding chains 

and plummeted from the wall    

into your warm, strong arms 

and I know that's where   

my heart  

my soul  

my love

will forever stay.





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