Load My Gun of Wisdom


As I swim through the sea of information, I lay eyes on a nation. One lead by education. Where the classroom represents the battlefield the wars that are fought here are real. Open up your mind and swallow your books. Consume the dish of learning even though you may have a yearning to learn the things that interest you most, to skip the things you feel are a hoax. Teachers claim they are only here to help when in need. Some adhere to stress and are only in it for the greed. The greed of money, some pretend to be sweet like honey. Some really do care, your cross they would bare. Teachers like that are what are generation needs, they will be behind the children that want to succeed. To stretch our minds, bend our thoughts for what it's worth. Basic norms that are pounded into our brains since birth. What to think, how to think, what to perceive. Diving into these books are the only way to succeed. How will every concept allow me to cross the rocking bridge? Sometimes I can't help to think, "I don't need this," Casualties of war are always inevitable but fighting past the tribulations are able. To get to where I want to be. A better life for me I want to see.

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