Lo & Blue

It's 8:04 AM on a Sunday,

and I'm waking up to Lou Reed and the smell of eggs and toast

I say, "Give me a kiss"

It's quick and short like the sting of a bee

At 11:39 we don't want to move,

but we do anyway and end up showering together

We don't get dressed at 12:33,

and make love instead

At 2:05 you say, "Just lay with me for five more minutes"

I said, "Let's go the aqaurium" at 2:07

It's now 5:43 and we've been at the bookstore for hours

I still feel the heat of that kiss when you pushed me up against the bookshelf in the biography section because you were bored,

but it's ok

We walk into the aquarium holding hands at 6:04

We're the only ones inside and it feels like a world of our own

"You should work here and paint the animals here instead of painting sad things all the time at home"

"I have a job. I paint."


The aquarium closed at 9:00

We didn't hold hands on the way out

At 9:57 I grab a bottle of wine for me and a beer for you

The room is cold and you're distant

You grab another beer at 10:18

I finsh the bottle of wine at 10:32

"I hate when you drink like that all the time"

You grab another beer

I am silent

Like always

11:59 I work up the courage to say,

"I can't keep living like this anymore"

"You never settle. You have so much potential"

12:04 AM

I'm picking up pieces of glass

I cry

You tell me you're sorry

I believe it, but I can't do it anymore

"I don't love you anymore"

You cry


I'm packing

You tell me you love me and can support us, but it's not enough


I leave



3:04 AM

Even Sunday loves fade away into Monday blues



















I like your writing style. I'm sorry if this story is true.

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