You didn't have to be afraid, you know.

It isn't that different now.

My respect for you hasn't changed

I'll still see you once in a while.

But maybe that's just it

Maybe "once in a while"

snuck up on both of us a little bit.

How I put off saying goodbye

and it had to be last minute.

How I said, "But I can't sleep!"

And you said, "It'll get better."

How I said, "I don't know if I'm ready to go."

And you said, "But aren't you ready to go away from home?"

And I thanked you for your help

And you said it was nothing

But if you ask me,

it was the best kind of nothing.

Let me take you back

To who I was...

People didn't know

what my voice sounded like

I didn't trust it enough

to speak much, those days.

Slowly you conned me into talking

I never could resist answering a question.

Then you taught me to listen.

You're some kind of magician

because at that point I loved talking so much

that sometimes, I couldn't shut up.

And as I began to listen to you

I started to listen to other people too.

And if you listen to people,

really listen to them,

they'll become your friends.

So you can say it was nothing,

feel free.

Because it worked out to be

just about everything to me.



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