The Lizzo Fans

The Lizzo fans are chasing a girl and I'll tell you why;

It's because the girl doesn't want to be a fan of that fat bitch and that's no lie.


When the martial arts Muslim sees the girl being chased, he comes to her rescue;

The Muslim jumps up and kicks the first Lizzo fan in his face, which is true.


The Muslim sidekicks the second Lizzo fan in her face;

Lizzo and her fans are a disgrace to the human race.


The Muslim elbows the third Lizzo fan in his face, which is great;

Lizzo is a skank that I really hate.


The Muslim delivers a spinning back kick to the face of the fourth Lizzo fan, which is cool;

The Lizzo fans are total fools.


The Muslim front kicks the last Lizzo fan in his face and I'm speaking honestly;

The martial arts Muslim is excellent as can be.


When the Lizzo fans are defeated, the rescued girl thanks the Muslim, which is nice;

The Lizzo fans' hearts are cold as ice.


The martial arts Muslim calls the police;

The Lizzo fans are never filled with peace.


When the police arrive and arrest the pieces of shit, the martial arts Muslim goes away;

The martial arts Muslim saves the day.


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