Living Within Racism

When you are young,

Your parents are the

Most magnificent people

In existance


But sometimes they hide

Their true beliefs and opinions

From the rest of the world

For fear of shame


It isn't until you tell them

"I love him" that you realize

The seething hatred stemming

From their egotistical hearts


You are hit

You are shamed

You are called a dirty whore

And what for?


For not seeing color

As a necessary factor to consider

Before falling in love

With the perfect man


In this moment you step back

And tell yourself over and over

I will be better for my kids

I will end this foolish hatred


From this moment

you have chosen to become the adult

You have risen above the slanderous

Nature of society


Now, it is up to you

To kill this cycle

To be a better human

To bring change to a dying world

This poem is about: 
My family
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