Living Through Memories

It's been months since I picked up a pencil
This time, my poem about you will be more suspenseful
This time, I’m going to write to my fullest potential
This time, the things I'll say about you is more than a handful
This time, I'll tell the world that the life you had was beautiful
And I’m grateful,
That I met you in this world.
A world that has no miracles.
We think that death is curable
The fact that you're gone,
Ripped my heart and soul.
Our friendship was tough as diamonds
One that could never go dull.
But I lost all hope yet still stayed hopeful.
Your death was the birth of an Angel.
My tears were the birth of sorrow.
I cried till tomorrow.
And the next day follow.
I cried to the point that my tears were borrowed.
I wasn’t myself for three weeks.
I could barely eat, my knees were feeling weak.
Numb from hands to my feet.
I went insane, Pain wouldn’t leave me be.
Trapped in a cage, and you were the key
But your death kept me from being free.
Photos of you were the last things I wanted to see.
I called your phone and thought you would answer me
I lost feelings from this world emotionally.
I had stressed nights,
Thinking Life isn’t right,
Thinking why it had to be your life
That God took under his light.
Thinking, I would wake up and everything will be alright.
Thinking, I could beat Pain in a fight.
Wishing, I too would spread wings and take flight.
But you wouldn’t want it that way.
You would tell me to stay
And beat all roadblocks on the way.
You would tell me to keep thinking about living.
And never have any thoughts of dying.

This time, I always have you by me.
This time, Pain will never find me.
This time, I have more strength inside me.
This time “D”, I will truly put sorrow behind me.
Knowing gratefully you’re genuinely,
the greatest brother I truthfully
have with an unbreakable bond.
Surprisingly, I still mentally
Happily feel your presence
Even with you eternally gone.
I used to feel this guilt when you died.
I felt that somehow I could have save your life.
I felt somewhat responsible that night.
Knowing if I was there, you’d still be alive.
It’s worth saving your life in return for mine.
But I’m done feeling like this all the time.
“D”, you would want me to move on.
Now you got me writing poems and songs.
How I reacted to your death was wrong.
But I can’t really say that you’re gone.
When you’re living through my memories
Keeping me strong.
I love you Daior.
You inspired me to write more.
You gave me love and care.
Bro, just wait for the day
When I fly up there.
Rest in Peace



A beautiful poem which fuses touching subject matter with well-crafted enjambments. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for your comment, it really means a lot

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