Living on the Streets vs. Starvation

Sun, 11/18/2012 - 14:01 -- bihmr


United States
30° 16' 11.766" N, 91° 4' 39.9792" W

Living on the streets gives us the creeps.
There is no meat, wheat, or treats to find.
I find my mind gets mixed up.
After not eating for days,
Being stinky and dirty,
Seeing the wealthy go out to eat,
A person passes US,
And doesn't greet my family and I,
And, especially, when the wealthy persons do not donate a cent.
The way that these wealthy class people are to US:
Selfish, Ignorant, Non-caring.........,
Is NOT the key,
To help me or my family.

Help US,
US, the universe' people,
Undergoing STARVATION,
Just HELP!!!!!
So WE don't have to live with the creeps on the streets.

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