Living, Loving, Lonely.

Once upon a time, he never showed up. Her prince, the one she knew as her knight in shining armor was to rescue her from this tower, said he would never be late and referred to her as his precious flower, Except for today. She waited minutes, then hours, then days, feet pacing rapidly on the tower floor. She waited days, weeks, then months, as the once vivacious locks that flowed from her crown to her feet began to split. Splitting, splitting and splitting, until her billowing locks became shorter by the day, While an onslaught of verbal lashings is all this brought. "Who would come back for you?" "You've ruined a good crop of hair over a boy who no longer knows you exist" "He will never come back!" Nevertheless, she waited. And while she waited, he lived. He was loving, She was longing. He was living, Her spirit was leaving. As he surrounded himself with a new family, She was lonely. She began to wither,  as she began to listen to death's voice seeping out a mellow 'come hither' Clipping the last of her most prized possession, and finally fading into her own happily ever after.


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