Living life with reality in mind

A perfect piece of plastic that has it all together from head to toe. 
I'm perfect. Or that's just what you see. 
Don't get too close, if that's even possible. 
Some people run, run so fast that they can't see the they cant see me. 
The one who bleeds red with a clear coated face. 
Internal scares that can't be shown. 
I'm happy. happy. 
The one who never loses a smile. 
Never showing who I really am. 
Lying my way through life, my life. 
But with reality in mind. 

What does this mean now? 
Push it all aside. Forget. 
Forget who you are, 
who you were 
and be the one you want. 
You want what you can't have, 
but having what you don't want results in death. 
Even then, you think you can get rid of me? 
Wrong. I'll live again. 

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