Living a Lie

Tue, 12/10/2013 - 15:01 -- alsayad


Do not tell me… Do not tell me…

Because when you tell me, you do not tell me.

You clandestine

As if words don’t roam from ear to ear

And you manage to stay complacent

as if I never herd it

But I exhume it

What a shame, but I am prudent

I leave you to ruin.

People are of no virtue

Not realizing how the smallest of words could hurt you

The surfeit of lies we use to cajole our lives

We would rather live a life of deception

Not realizing what’s happening

The truth is a stranger and we are the fool

Falling like the young leaf that never bloomed

Hanging in our web of lies

Harbored in our own minds

We neglect and contort the truth

Then pretent it as true

We piffle and lay addled

What a heinous way to live

The way we live

Is it not true?

Or you still avert the truth

And deny to lie not knowing what is true

Until the very end when you realize it all came back to you. 


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