Living in the last days for my Lord


I'm alive in the last days, I'm blessed to know the Lord, let me please him and let my actions speak more, the light of Christ shine through with his light I'm nothing without my Lord, I don't let each person go without a God bless you on their day, that the Lord loves you, we live in a country that's running against the Lords ways, it breaks my heart as I watch and pray for everybody that's against the word each day, who needs to be saved. Matt 26:41 I live to let the Lord speak through me as a vessel, he uses me to be righteous for truth standing on what the gospel says, and helping the lost to tell them, only to Jesus who loves them, and father God will never forshake his children who believe in His son. Deu 31:6 God bless, Jesus Christ loves each one of you, and he knocks at the door in your heart as a gentleman Rev 3:20, before he returns, in his second coming.


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