Living with JRA

Young and active at the age of three,

Up until I had a swollen knee.

Doctors were stumped about a diagnosis,

Until blood tests proved it to be Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

As I grew older I thought what was to become of me?

I refuse to be wheelchair bound you see.

Aches and pains did not paralyze,

To keep my joints moving I do what I love, Exercise.

Soccer, swim, and  a member of the track team because I love to run.

These are the things I do to keep my joints healthy and what I do for fun.

Receiving awards and many accolades for my athletics keep me wanting more.

I refuse to sit and sulk about my condition, I want to soar!

My future is forseen as a biomedical engineer,

To find a solution to JRA, so others do not have to live with it year after year.






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