Lives At A Cost

Diamonds would not compare to the blue in your eyes,

If only the light could have caught it,

So ebony marbles shone bright through the world,

Even though darkness was upon it,

Your heavenly wings brightened up the day 

Then gave a heavenly glow by night,

A son I barred and held so tight, 

Consistently struggling always in the fight,

One last breath before I let you go, 

Hidden in my arms a smiled you showed,

I hold you forever in a life that I live,

A passion held strong, so forever I’ll give,

Yet miracles can happen I’ve seen them grow, 

A beautiful disaster long enough to know,

As I watch her, and help her along this road of life,

I see you in her, angelic perfection just so right,

Perfection so simple by two pounds so small,

Who would have guessed one mother could have it all,

An angel by sky,

A miracle by Earth,

Measured not by money, or any type of worth,

But by love and memory stored away in the mind,

Forever I will hold you until the end of all time,

So a story so told to remember its truth,

Pregnancies are hard especially in youth,

Your life is worth value and theirs as well,

Do not jeopardize this or its story to tell,

Of struggling, of loss, of life at a cost,

Please hear me now before it’s too late,

Your life and theirs are worth it, so remember to wait. 

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