Lives To Be Saved

Thu, 09/26/2013 - 13:05 -- krae.97



Almost everyday I hear something new
'Some kid killed themself again'
But everyone brushes it off
As its meant to be
an everyday thing

It's not funny
This is not a game
Most suicides are because of this
All because of the world's ignorance
too many loved ones are lost

But we don't do anythuing
We go on with our lives 
The bullying continues
The abuse is never-ending

All we reall want is to be loved
For someone to care
Is that too much to ask? 
Quit being selfish, 
think of someone else for a change.

Set aside your ego 
Stop judging us, 
based on misleading stereotypes

All we want is to be noticed 
To be a part of something
But instead, 
we're driven to a much darker fate. 



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