live while you are still here

Thu, 10/02/2014 - 19:17 -- 15cfisk

And all I want to know is

Are you okay

Or do you merely say you are 

To avoid weird glances

And long awkwards talks about feelings

That do absolutely nothing 

Except ensure that you will never talk to anyone

About anything


Are you okay

Or do you feel as

As  d-e-a-d  inside

As I do sometimes?

Are you okay

Or are you a graveyard full of skeletons

And you've been searching through the piles of bones for weeks

But none of them

Are yours?

Are you okay

Or does the sadness




Are you okay

Because even when you tell me you are

And you're fine

Please know that I understand why

You can't always say the truth

Are you okay

Because when you lie through your teeth

And bite your tongue to say 'yes'

Please know that I get it

And I've been there

I know you've heard a hundred times

That it is okay 

To not be okay

But I know how the stigma is, too

And I know that we won't tell the truth 

And I would just like you to see

That I am here as proof

That you will make it through

If you are not okay now

You will be soon

Things will be so so good

So so soon

And you just have to hang on

Until then. 


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